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Training with the Hunters

There’s an open training session with the Portland Hunters this Sunday – Feb 17 – at 2PM. The Hunters came up to Mosier last February and shared their enthusiasm and skills. This time we go to them. Hopefully we can share something also.

For those that don’t know the Hinters, they’re perennial US National champions and very nice people.

The session will be at Steele Field in Reed College:

Not coincidentally, there’s no Mosier rugby this Sunday


Change of Venue for Hood River Hammers

I am very pleased to announce our new Fall/Winter FLOODLIT location:

We now play at Collins Baseball Field (May Street west of 13th Street)

5pm to 7pm under the lights each Tuesday

We need to collect $10 from each player and this will see us through to next March! Please can you give payments to Roston who fronted the money for the lights and field. Many thanks.

Hood River News

Nice article in the Hood River news about the Hammers:

“The Hood River Hammers are far meaner in name than demeanor. But rugby is a tough sport, and every club needs a hard-hitting title, even if it’s a complete façade.

The Hammers have been playing once week for more than a year now and are looking for fresh meat to throw into the mix during the club’s Tuesday evening pickup games.”

I think they get extra credit for using a cedilla in a story about rugby.

Read more here.

White Salmon Coyotes are alive!

From the USA Touch Rugby site:

“We would like to welcome our newest Affiliates the White Salmon Coyotes Touch Rugby Club of White Salmon, WA. and the Hood River Hammers of Hood River, OR. Both clubs are in the Hood River area of the Oregon, Washington border. According to Coyotes club President Roston Bartlett, the two clubs have a player base of about 20-40 on a consistent basis and they are also active in Youth Rugby in the area.”

Nice one Roston.

Columbia River All Players Championships

AAP: The All-comers championships start today at

Fans have been lining up for weeks. I’m not sure if
anyone saw the crush for tickets yesterday at the
school, but it is expected to be even greater today.

There are rumours that Sting may be joining Her
Majesty and the Obamas in the presidential box.
Unfortunately Ban Ki-moon has already sent his

Kick off is at 3pm. Hot chocolates at 4. Maya has
promised to think about attending. (hi Maya).

As you enter the school, feel free to grab a couple
of extra people and encourage them to come and play.

See you there.